New BET Instrument

A new acquisition

Professor Mohamed Siaj of the Chemistry Department of UQAM and the NanoQAM research center have just made available to the various academic and industrial players in the fields of nanotechnology a new BET instrument allowing measurement of specific surface and porosity of materials.

Instrument properties

This instrument makes possible to measure physisorption isotherms (N2, CO2) for the measurement of specific surface of materials (Brunauer, Emmett and Teller theory). It also allows measurement of pore volume, pore size distribution, as well as the evaluation of specific gas-solid interactions (eg CO2 capture). Determination of all these parameters are essential for the characterization and optimization of a wide range of materials, such as adsorbents, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, battery materials and other porous solids.

Future uses

Anyone interested in using this BET instrument or interested in being trained on this instrument for autonomous use, must imperatively contact Mr. Gwenaël Chamoulaud beforehand.