Research areas

Our research activities turns around energy technologies, environmental applications and sustainable development. Our research program is based on the collaboration of scientists from many disciplines (chemistry, physics, synthetic chemistry, characterization chemistry and microelectronic engineering) combining fundamental and applied interests. Our main areas of research are:

  • Nanosciences and shaping of nanomaterials
  • Molecular self-assembly and nanostructures
  • Green chemistry and environmentally friendly synthesis processes
  • Energy and energy storage
  • Organic synthesis and natural macromolecules

The uniqueness of our platform comes from our expertise, from our entire group of instruments, and from our ability to not only be able to synthesize new nanomaterials, but to characterize, formulate and integrate them into new devices, thus offering a unique collaborative environment.

Our approach


ZetaSizer instrument

2 August 2023|

NanoQAM has just made available to the various academic and industrial players in the fields of nanotechnology a new ZetaSizer instrument. This apparatus makes it possible to carry out measurements of the distribution of the particle size, the Zeta potential, and the concentration of the particles.


Our areas of research are related to nanosciences, materials shaping, molecular self-assembly, nanostructures, green chemistry, energy, organic synthesis and natural macromolecules.


Our platform has advanced chemistry synthesis laboratories, experimental techniques for nano/microscopic characterization of materials, and a clean room containing equipment that allows the integration of materials into micrometric size devices.


We offer characterization and analysis services by making our infrastructure and equipment available to other academic institutions and manufacturers.


Questions, projects concerning nanomaterials and their characterizations. Contact us directly and at any time.

“The uniqueness of NanoQAM comes from its expertise, its entire group of instruments, and its ability to not only be able to synthesize new nanomaterials, but to characterize, formulate and integrate them into new devices, offering thus a unique collaborative environment.”



NanoQAM members are directly involved in numerous scientific collaborations, whether in Quebec or Canada, but especially internationally. These numerous collaborations take place both academically and industrially.

The future of nanomaterials

We are a multidisciplinary research center with expertise and scientific infrastructure dedicated to the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and nanometric systems.

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