Parylene deposition system

Description of the instrument

The parylene deposition system, SCS Labcoter 2, allows reliable, uniform (95%) and reproducible deposition of parylenes (types C or N). The thicknesses of the layers obtained can be between a few nm to several µm. This instrument allows to operate at temperatures from 20°C to 650°C and pressures from 1 to 100 torr. The applications of this instrument are the synthesis of components for printed circuits (PCB), sensors, wafers or medical devices, MEMS and elastomer components for R&D.

Model : Speciality Coating Systems (SCS), Labcoter 2 (PDS 2010)
Room : PK-2273

User fees

Academic rates Industrial rates
$18.50/h $92.50/h

Add $47.50/h if the operations are carried out by an operator. Add 15% of administrative costs if industrial user.

Terms of use

For external users, please communicate imperatively with Galyna Shul.

For internal users, all users must undergo training with Galyna Shul before using this equipment.

To make an online reservation, please click on the following link.