High Temperature Tubular Oven

Description of the instrument

The OTF-1200X-III high temperature tube furnace uses silicon carbide rods as heating elements. The maximum temperature inside the oven can reach 1200C under different gas flows (N2, Ar / H2 mixture, O2, etc.). The oven temperature profile can be made up of 3 separate gradients to which 51 different segments can be applied and executed automatically using the advanced temperature controller type 708P. This furnace is mainly used for research on materials and in particular for the development of various new materials.

Model : MTI Corporation, OTF-1200X-III
Room : CB-3485

User fees

Academic rates Industrial rates
$7.75/h $77.50/h

Add $47.50/h if the operations are carried out by an operator. Add 15% of administrative costs if industrial user. Additional costs may be added if specific gases are used.

Terms of use

For external users, please communicate imperatively with Gwenaël Chamoulaud or Galyna Shul.

For internal users, all users must undergo training with Gwenaël Chamoulaud or Galyna Shul before using this equipment.

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