8-channel Multi-Potentiostats

Description of the instrument

The VMP3 is a multi-channel potentiostat intended for research. Thanks to the modular design of its chassis, up to 16 independent potentiostat (channels) can be installed. The VMP3, via plug-in modules, can be equipped with additional features, such as low current, impedance or high current measurements. Each potentiostat installed in the VMP3 can be connected to an external high current backup source. The VMP3 is a multi-user system. Thanks to its Ethernet LAN connection, several computers can be connected to the unit at the same time. The fields of application of VMP3 are general electrochemistry, sensors, corrosion studies and energy storage.

Model : Princeton Applied Research, VMP3
Room : CB-2480

User fees

Academic rates Industrial rates
$7.75/h $77.50/h

Add $47.50/h if the operations are carried out by an operator. Add 15% of administrative costs if industrial user.

Terms of use

For external users, please communicate imperatively with Galyna Shul.

For internal users, all users must undergo training with Galyna Shul before using this equipment.