2023 Excellence in Science Awards

Research Prize – Expert Professor

The Faculty of Science awarded its 2023 Excellence Awards on May 17 during the annual Celebrating Excellence in Science event. During this festive evening, six faculty members, a lecturer, three support staff members and a graduate were honored in the Builder, Research, Teaching and Recognition categories for their achievements and contributions to the development of the Faculty .

The awards ceremony took place in the presence, in particular, of the winners and their loved ones as well as the dean of the Faculty of Sciences Normand Séguin, the vice-dean for research Isabelle Marcotte and the vice-dean studying Johanne Grenier.

Professor in the Department of Chemistry since 2008, and NanoQAM member, Mohamed Siaj has set up a research program in the field of two-dimensional electro-active materials for the design of sensors and for the production of hydrogen as a sustainable energy vector. Since 2016, he has held the Canada Research Chair in 2D materials. He has also been director of NanoQAM since 2017, president of the Materials and Microsystems Analysis Group (RAMM) since 2016, and founding member of the Research Center on the Design and Manufacturing of Microsystems (CoFaMic). Mohamed Siaj was recently appointed director of the Quebec Center for Functional Materials (CQMF), a strategic group financed by the Quebec Research Fund – Nature and Technologies, which brings together Quebec’s leading forces in this field. The professor was able to attract and train a considerable number of students as well as high-level research staff.

Source : Actualités UQAM