FTIR / FT-Raman spectrometer

A new acquisition

The NanoQAM Research Center has been managing new equipment since the beginning of the week. It is an FTIR spectrometer (Thermo Nicolet 6700 FTIR) coupled to an FT-Raman module (Thermo Nicolet NXR 967 Edge Raman). This new equipment which was acquired by Pr. René Roy has been operational since July 07, 2008 and is accessible to everyone from now on.

Instrument properties

Infrared spectrophotometry is an analytical technique useful for determining, identifying or confirming the structure of known and unknown products. An infrared spectrum makes it possible to easily demonstrate the presence of certain functional groups, and can serve as a “spectroscopic identity card” for a molecule or a material.

Future uses

As with all other equipment supported by the NanoQAM Research Center, people interested in using this equipment must first undergo training with Dr. Gwenaël Chamoulaud.