Research Chair in Polymer Chemistry

Strategic Research Chairs Program

Launched in the fall of 2013, the Strategic Research Chairs program aims to support the development of research and creation by structuring emerging, intersectoral or innovative fields. Chairs are awarded to a single holder through a competition according to various criteria: the innovative potential of the proposed work and internal and external collaborations, the scientific, social and cultural impact, and the integration and supervision of students.

Polymer chemistry

Complex molecular structures, born from the assembly of atoms, polymers (the basis of plastic materials) have contributed to reinventing our industries and opened the way to medical and technological advances (durable and/or degradable medical implants, materials for manufacture solar panels). On the other hand, their presence in the environment encourages them to be managed responsibly throughout their life cycle. Professor of the Department of Chemistry Ali Nazemi, holder of the Chair in Polymer Chemistry for Sustainable Development, seeks to develop synthesis methods to transform basic polymers into sustainable and recycled polymers at the end of their use, but also a new generation of self-repairing and biodegradable polymers. It also aims to manufacture cutting-edge materials using advanced polymers to store and convert energy, and to degrade environmental pollutants such as pesticides. The Chair will establish partnerships with researchers working in the fields of energy, environmental sciences and health, as well as with the national and international polymer production industry.

Source: Actualités UQAM