Among the 10 most consulted Analyst articles

Pr. Marcotte’s research

The Analyst Blog website has just published the list of the 10 scientific articles in the Analyst publication most consulted during the period from October 2013 to December 2013. Among these is an article by Pr. Isabelle Marcotte. This article concerns the demonstration of the single-channel electrophysiology of ion channels expressed by direct incorporation in lipid bilayers, without cells.


Single-channel electrophysiology with lipid bilayer systems requires ion channel expression, purification from cell culture, and reconstitution in proteoliposomes for delivery to a planar bilayer. Here we demonstrate that single-channel current measurements of the potassium channels KcsA and hERGS5–S6 can be obtained by direct insertion in interdroplet lipid bilayers from microliters of a cell-free expression medium.