Micro-plate reader

Description of the instrument

This flexible, scalable and multimode microplate reader intelligently combines reagent distribution with many different detection modes in a platform that meets the needs of all applications in a modern laboratory. The Monochromator module benefits from maximum flexibility in terms of wavelength, without the need for optical filters. The configurable detection modes allow the infinite 200 model to read fluorescence (above or below), luminescence or absorbance assays on 6 to 384 well microplates, PCR plates and cuvettes. The device is also equipped with an automatic injector. The detectors are controlled using i-control software, which allows the user to easily configure protocols adapted to their own application. In addition, the Magellan software package provides incomparable data computing power while meeting FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

Model : Tecan, Infinite M200
Room : CB-1170

User Fees

Academic rates Industrial rates
$7.75/h $77.50/h

Add $47.50/h if the operations are carried out by an operator. Add 15% of administrative costs if industrial user.

Terms of use

For external users, please communicate imperatively with Gwenaël Chamoulaud or Galyna Shul.

For internal users, all users must undergo training with Gwenaël Chamoulaud or Galyna Shul before using this equipment.

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