Aerosol spray printing

Description of the instrument

This material printer by Jet Aérosol, uses an aerodynamic focusing system, which allows the print jet to remain uniform over a distance of 5 mm from the substrate. This specificity allows printing on 3D structures. It is possible to print from silver emulsions, PEDOT, carbon nanowires, etc. This material printer allows the use of a multitude of inks with viscosities between 1 and 1000 cP. The print resolution is 10um for sample sizes between 5x5mm and 30x30mm.

The areas of application range from electronics to medical and also include all types of surface pattern formation and functionalization.

Model : Optomec, Aerosol Jet
Room : PK-2260

User fees

Academic rates Industrial rates
$18.50/h $92.50/h

Add $47.50/h if the operations are carried out by an operator. Add 15% of administrative costs if industrial user.

Terms of use

For external users, please communicate imperatively with Mohsen Ketabi.

For internal users, all users must undergo training with Mohsen Ketabi before using this equipment.

To make an online reservation, please click on the following link.