COVID-19: NanoQAM researchers in the media

Several interventions on Radio-Canada

NanoQAM researchers are involved at various levels in research into the fight against COVI-19. Several of them have notably given interviews to Radio Canada during the last few days on this subject.

COVID-19: the world of nanos in effervescency

Pr. Mohamed Siaj is notably intervened in Les Années Lumières radio program of April 26th on the solutions challenges of nanotechnologies to fight against SARS-CoV-2.

Detect, control and treat COVID-19 on the same scale as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Researchers are working to find solutions in the world of the infinitely small, that of nanotechnology. This field, which brings together several disciplines, refers to the manipulation and study of matter at dimensions from 1 to 100 nanometers (1 nanometer = one billionth of a meter). Some researchers believe that to defeat the enemy requires a whole army of small soldiers the same size as the virus itself.

Source : Radio-Canada

Predictions and facts, 5G and coronavirus

In another case, Prof. Dominic Deslandes intervened in the context of the emission Moteur de Recherche of April 21th to refute the link between 5G and COVID-19.

Contrary to what many people have been saying for several months on social networks, there is no scientific basis to conclude that 5G spreads COVID-19 or that it weakens the immune system, and therefore it facilitates contagion in human being. This is clearly stated by Dominic Deslandes, professor of electrical engineering at École de technologie supérieure. Anyone who says that they regularly answer questions from the public about the advent of 5G is reassuring about this new technology.

Source: Radio-Canada